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County & Justice Court Compliance Division

Tom Green County Compliance Office serves both County Courts at Law and all four Justice of the Peace Courts and provides collection for Tom Green County Library.
Mission Statement: The Compliance Office will collect Court costs and fines for the Tom Green County Courts at Law in the most efficient and professional manner possible. A firm but courteous approach shall be utilized, in which defendants are considered "clients".
Objective: The Compliance Office has two main objectives. The first is to enhance compliance with court-ordered sanctions by increasing the payment and/or other disposition (e.g., community service) of fines and court costs. The second objective is to relieve a judge of routine collection matters, freeing the judge to devote his or her time to judicial matters.

Supervisor:  Jamie Vance
Case Workers:  Juley Zapata, Amanda Cortez & Dorothy Bump
Office Assistant:  Kim Powell

Location and Hours of Operation

3036 N Bryant Blvd (inside CSCD Bldg)
San Angelo, Texas 76903
Closed Holidays, Weekends and Lunch

Appointments can be scheduled 325-659-6469

Processing: At pleading/sentencing, all fines and court costs should be assessed by the judge with all of the usual considerations, except whether the client is prepared to pay the assessment in total. The client and counsel are notified in advance as to when payment is due. If the client requests time to pay, the judge will direct him/her to the Compliance Office

Additional Services:
Compliance Office also processes collections on behalf of the Tom Green County Library. This effort is to contact Library patrons who have borrowed materials from the Tom Green County Library and have neglected to return them. The goal is to have the material returned so that other patrons have the opportunity to utilize the materials that were not returned in a timely manner.

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