District Court




Tom Green County Courthouse
112 West Beauregard
San Angelo, Texas 76903-5835

The District Courts of Tom Green County

District Courts are the principal trial courts in the State of Texas. District Courts have original jurisdiction in felony criminal cases, divorce cases, cases involving title to land, election contest cases, civil matters (in which the amount of money or damages involved is $500 or more), and any matters in which jurisdiction is not placed with another trial court. For more information about the jurisdiction of courts in Texas, see the "Judicial Information" tab at the Office of Court Administration's website.


Tom Green County has four District Courts: the 51st District Court, the 119th District Court, the 340th District Court, and the 391st District Court.  Each of these courts is a "court of general jurisdiction"; that is, each court hears a wide variety of matters involving civil law, criminal law, and family law. There is also an appointed Criminal Magistrate Judge who hears various felony criminal matters by assignment and presides over the Felony Drug Court and Juvenile Drug Court.
The 340th and 391st District Courts cover only Tom Green County. The 51st District Court covers Tom Green, Coke, Irion, Schleicher, and Sterling Counties. The 119th District Court covers Tom Green, Concho, and Runnels Counties. By statute, the judges of these courts are authorized to hear cases filed in any of the four courts.


In addition to the four general jurisdiction courts, Tom Green County has four courts that specialize in specific areas of law: the Child Protection Court of the Concho Valley, the Title IV-D Child Support Court No. 34, the Tom Green County Felony Drug Court, and the Tom Green County Juvenile Drug Court.



51st Judicial District CourtJudge Carmen Symes Dusek
Coke, Irion, Schleicher, Sterling and Tom Green Counties

119th Judicial District CourtJudge Ben Woodward
Concho, Runnels and Tom Green Counties


340th Judicial District CourtJudge Jay K. Weatherby
Tom Green County


391st Judicial District CourtJudge Brad Goodwin
Tom Green County


Criminal Magistrate Court - Judge Tommy LaFon 
Tom Green County Felony Criminal Matters by Assignment
Tom Green County Felony Drug Court

Tom Green County Juvenile Drug Court


Child Support Court #34 - Judge Amy Luhrs

Coke, Concho, Crockett, Gillespie, Irion, Kerr, Kimble,
Mason, McCulloch, Menard, Mills, Reagan, Runnels,
Schleicher, Sterling, Sutton and Tom Green Counties



Child Protection Court of the Concho Valley - Judge Elizabeth Watkins

Brown, Coke, Concho, Crockett, Irion,
Schleicher, Sterling, and Tom Green Counties


Retired Senior Judges

Justice Marilyn Aboussie

Judge Barbara Lane Walther

Judge Pamala W. Talley

Judge Penny Roberts