County Treasurer

Indigent Health Care Office (IHC)

Indigent Health Care is designed to provide basic health care services to eligible, low income residents of Tom Green County who have no other public or private health care benefits.  IHC has mandated healthcare providers for indigent clients. Tom Green County is the payor of last resort and shall provide assistance only if other adequate public or private sources of payment are not available. In addition, Tom Green County is not secondary to any insurance benefits or exhausted benefits.

Tom Green County Indigent Health Care
19 North Irving
San Angelo, Texas 76903

Public Office Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 11:30am

d                         1pm – 4pm

Friday: By Appointment Only

Closed daily 11:30am – 1pm & Holidays

IHC Director
Dianna Spieker, Treasurer

IHC Supervisor
Chastin Powell

IHC Caseworkers
Amy Gomez & Micheala Aguero

Eligibility Criteria

1. Residence: Must live in Tom Green County and intend to stay in Tom Green County.        
        a. Must have a valid Texas Driver’s License or Identification Card with a Tom Green County Address.
        b. Prefer 6 months residency in Tom Green County as proof of intent to stay. 
        c. Disqualified if applicant becomes a resident of Tom Green County for the sole purpose of obtaining health care assistance.
        d. A person who is an inmate of a state agency is not considered a resident of the county, only a resident of the State or Federal Government (Example: male or female Court Residential Unit).
2. Income: May not exceed the minimum of 21% of the Federal Poverty Income Level.
3. Resources: May not exceed $2,000 per month (or $3,000 if aged or disabled).
        a. Equity of a vehicle cannot be greater than $4,650.00.
4. Citizenship: Must be a US Citizen or Resident Alien.
5. Medical Need: Must have a medical need of some kind.
6. Application: Must be completed in its entirety.
7. Applicant: Must show proof:        
        a. SSI/SSDI Application, or
        b. "Active" account with Texas Workforce Commission and actively seeking employment.

IHC Clients may utilize the following Mandated Providers ONLY:

Health Care Providers – Shannon Medical Center & Shannon Clinics and La Esperanza Clinics
Prescription Service Provider – Shannon Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (PAP). 
The maximum county liability for each fiscal year for health care services provided by all assistance providers, including Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), to each Tom Green County client is:

  • $30,000; or

  • The payment of 30 days of hospitalization or treatment in an SNF (or both), or $30,000, whichever occurs first.

  • 30 days of hospitalization refers to Inpatient Hospitalization