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Anthony Joseph Monico

Tom Green County District Clerk


The District Clerk is elected for a four-year term and supports the District Courts. The Clerk is registrar,
recorder and custodian of all court pleadings, instruments and papers that are part of any cause of action in any civil or criminal district court.

Staff and Department Directory

Anthony Monico
District Clerk
Cynthia Gonzales
Chief Deputy

Civil/Family Department

Felony Department

Phone: 325-659-6579 Phone: 325-659-6582 
Supervisor:  Cynthia Gonzales 51st / 340th Clerks: Supervisor Josephine Tarraferro  
Bookkeeper: Denice Dickson Mikaela Malley
Jury Administrator: Stephanie Murtaugh
AG Clerk: Rebecca Douglas 119th / 391st Clerks: Tammy Thorn
51st Court / Constable Clerk: Rozanna Estrada Karleigh Blackwell
119th Clerk: Cynthia Gonzales
340th Clerk: Vickie Schaller Magistrate Clerks:  Mikaela Malley
391st Clerk: Elizabeth Martinez

Karleigh Blackwell


Juvenile Court Clerks:  Tammy Thorn
Josephine Tarraferro

Court Services Unit

Phone: 325-659-6581
Supervisor/ 119th Court Clerk: Gloria Mata
51st Court Clerk: Diana Ramirez
340th Court Clerk: Mayra Martinez
391st Court Clerk: Rose Birdsong
Collections: Maria Ortiz-Silva


6/07/2023 -Jury Response Website

The Jury Response Website is currently experiencing some technical issues which are being addressed. If you continue to have issues responding to your jury summons online, please feel free to fill out the physical questionnaires that were provided with your original summons. If you have misplaced your juror summons and need a new one mailed to you, please notify us at juryinfo@co.tom-green.tx.us and we will provide you a new one immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

1/1/2022 - New Fee Structure

The 87th Legislative session passed Senate Bill 41 and will become effective on January 1, 2022. This new legislation modifies the current fee structure and costs of County and District Court filings. To see the new fee structure, please click the following link  

2022 NEW District Clerk Detailed Fees

Additional Resources

Resource for Zoom Hearings

Please see this attached article as a free resource to improve and understand your Zoom Hearings and Meetings. This was provided graciously by Graham Sutliff out of Austin, Texas.

Zoom Best Practices for Legal Proceedings 

Updated Orders

Standing Order Regarding Property & Conduct of Parties in Divorce

Standing Order for Kid's Sake

Order Appointing Visiting Associate Judge to Child Support Court

Juror Information

Respond to a Jury Summons Online

To respond to a Jury Summons Online, please select the link above.

(Updated 9/29/2023) 

October Jury Reporting Panel Status

To Check the Current Status of your Jury Panel Online, please select the link above

Jury Medical Exemption Form

Jury Age Exemption Form

If you would like to be permanently exempt from Jury Service due to an ongoing medical condition, please complete this form and return to the clerk

 If you would like to be permanently exempt from Jury Service due to age considerations (70 and over), please complete this form and return to the clerk. 

Useful Forms and Links

Excess Proceeds

 List of Tom Green County Excess Funds - (Updated 5/17/2023)

Important Links

Important Contact Information 

Texas Judiciary Online Attorney Login Attorney General (Local) (325) 653-7326
Records Search Excess Funds List CVPDO - Public Defender (325) 229-4671
eFile County Clerk (325) 659-6551
Certified Payments - Civil/Family
County Attorney (325) 659-6562
Certified Payments - Felony District Attorney (325) 659-6583
District Court Administrator (325) 659-6569
Federal District Clerk (325) 655-4506
Civil Service (Constables) (325) 659-6557
Civil Service (Sheriff) (325) 655-8111
West TX Legal Service (325) 653-3682
Meet in the Middle (325) 486-9529


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