Bail Bond Board

Bail Bond Board Information:

Rules and Regulations of the TGC Bail Bond Board - Effective 08/01/22 - Revised 07/20/22

Criminal Histories

Tom Green County Bail Bond Board requires each person who is employed with a bail bond company to provide criminal history reports for each individual. The checks will include both state and federal criminal history checks. Texas CHRI (Criminal History Record Information) may be obtained by providing finger prints through the FAST (Fingerprint Application Services of Texas) system.

Federal histories can be obtained from the FBI. This requires the individual to submit his/her fingerprints to the FBI by the use of a finger print card. Finger prints are to be submitted on the standard fingerprint form (FD-258).

For complete instructions go to http://fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/background-checks.

All histories are to be provided to the board by mailing them to,

Tom Green County Bail Bond Board
Attn:  Lt. W. Fiveash
222 W. Harris, San Angelo, TX 76903

Ineligibility Because of Criminal Conviction. Section 1704.153 Occupations Code

A person in not eligible for a license under this chapter, if after August 27th, 1973, the person commits and is finally convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or a felony.