Tom Green County Information

County Documents and Forms
Affidavit for Environmental Health
Affidavit for Inability to Pay
Affidavit of Surety to Surrender and Issuance of Warrant
Affidavit to Release Funds for Minor
Application for Criminal Defense Attorney Representative
Application for Employee Card 
Application for Healthcare Assistance
Application for Release of Cash Collateral
Assignor, Security and Financial Institution
Assignment Insurance Company
Assumed Name Abandonment
Assumed Name Form
Assumed Name (Incorporated)
    Limited Liability Company/Incorporation/LLC.  To create an Incorporation, Limited Liability Company LLC you          need to contact the Secretary of State at www.sos.state.tx.us or call 512-463-5555
Attorney Bail Bond Application

Bail Bond Form
Ballot by Mail Request Form

Birth-Death Confidentiality 
Birth-Death Designation
Birth Certificate Request

Certificate of Appeal
Civil Case Information Sheets for Cases Filed on or After March 1, 2013 (English)
Complaint Against Bondsman Form
Conflicts of Interest Questionnaire
Conflicts of Interest Statements
Construction Specifications

Corporate Surety Application

Data Information Request 
Death Certificate Application 
Death Certificate Application - Funeral Homes

Defendant's Waiver of Right to File Motions for New Trial and All Appellate Rights
Deferred Adjudication Admonishments
DD214 Request
Driveway Permit

Driveway Permits - Procedures for County

Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction Boundary
Employee Leave Buy-Out form

Family Support Division - Disposition of Indigent Remains Policy
Federal Post Card Application

Individual License Application
Individual Surety License Application

Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) Application Form

Manufactured Home Rental Regulations
Marks and Brands Application
Marriage License Requirements
Marriage License Requirements (Spanish)
Marriage – Absent Applicant
Informal Marriage License Requirements
Informal Marriage License Requirements (Spanish)
Request for Certified Copy of Marriage License

Non-Homestead Affidavit
Tom Green County Nuisance Abatement Policy 
Nuisance Complaint Form

Occupational Drivers License
Order of Nondisclosure Model
Order of Nondisclosure Overview
Petition for Order of Nondisclosure Form

Plea Admonishments for Felony Cases
Plea Admonishments for Felony Intoxication Cases

Request for Attorney
Request for Attorney Fees
Request for Court Call
Request to Redact Social Security Number From Court Documents 
Request to Redact Social Security Number From Official Public Records
Request for Wage Withholding

Septic Permit
Sex Offender Admonishments
Standing Order Regarding Property & Conduct of Parties in Divorce
Standing Order for Kid's Sake
Standard Possession Order (Visitation Schedule)
Status Report
Subdivision Regulations Tom Green County Amended 2021
Sworn Compliant Form
Subdivision of Land/Manufactured Home Rental Community (RV Park) Application  Plat 11/2022

Tax Abatements in Reinvestment Zones
Texas Uniform Jury Handbook

Voter Registration Application


Worthless Check Form