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Tax Properties & Trustee sales

Tax Properties

Trustee tax properties are properties that have been struck off to Tom Green County because they did not sell at the Trustee Tax Auction.  There are normally three Trustee Tax Properties sales per year. Those sales are usually in March, June and October.  When available, Trustee Tax Properties will be listed below

Policy and Procedures and Bid Form for Trustee Tax Properties

Trustee Sales

Important Notice Concerning Trustee Sales Payments:
Texas Property Code, Chapter 51, Section 51.0075(f)

The purchase price in a sale held by a trustee or substitute trustee under this section is due and payable without delay on acceptance of the bid or within such reasonable time as may be agreed upon by the purchaser and the trustee or substitute trustee if the purchaser makes such request for additional time to deliver the purchase price. The trustee or substitute trustee shall disburse the proceeds of the sale as provided by law.

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