County Elections

Campaign Finance Reports

County officeholders and candidates for county office are required by state law to file reports of their campaign contributions and expenditures with the election’s office. Officeholders and candidates for multi-county office file their reports with the Texas Ethics Commission.  The form for these reports is prescribed by the Texas Ethics Commission. Filing information is available on the Ethics Commission web site at www.ethics.state.tx.us.

City or school district candidates and officeholders information is available from those respective entities.

Important Note: Filings are presented on the web site as a convenience. The absence of a filing on the web site does not mean that a candidate or officeholder has not filed a required report, but may merely mean that we are in the process of making it web-ready.  Campaign Finance Reports are available only for a two year period.  For complete, accurate, up-to-date information on any filings, please check with the election office directly at (325) 659-6541.

What’s Available on this Site?
You can view scanned images of filings made by candidates and officeholders. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. The reader can be downloaded free from
Adobe. Some files may take a few minutes to load.

Accessibility Notice: Due to the nature of these documents, they are provided as scanned images.  If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact the election office at (325)659-6541.

Data Information Request

Rick Bacon
County Commissioner, Precinct 3 (2014)
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer

Jul 2018
Jan 2019 Jul 2019
Jan 2020 Jul 2020
Jan 2021 Jul 2021

Stewart (Deen) Dickson - Constable, Precinct 2
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer

Jan 2020


Ben Nolen - County Court at Law (2012)
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer

Penny Roberts - County Court at Law 2 (2012)

Jan 2018
Jul 2018
Jan 2019
Jan 2020 July 2020  JCOH
July 2020 Jan 2021

Leland Lacy
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer

Andrew Graves
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer


Eddie Howard - Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer